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Why our trainings are special?

We reconnect our clients to their true, core selves; to their true SELF. After the course & follow up mentoring, the clients start to “SAIL©” having more Sincerity, Authenticity, Integrity and Love. The courses cannot teach character or vision. Developing character and vision is the reason why leaders (re)invent themselves supported by mentor. Therefore, we mentor managers / executives up to 6 months after the courses to ensure that they have fully accepted and are living the self-targeted CHANGE.

After that the client is ready / to SAIL© (“SAIL©” = Sincerity, Authenticity, Integrity and Love) through the professional and private life, because she / he has more Sincerity, Authenticity, Integrity and Love.

The clients become energized, efficient, influential and, ultimately more successful.

Managers become leaders.


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